Cel-Fi is the only approved manufacturer of Mobile Phone repeater in Australia, providing equipment approved for Telstra, OPTUS and Vodafone.
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Cel-Fi Pro

Smart Signal Booster
Indoor Wireless Solution

- 5G link Network and Coverage Unit
- Telstra, OPTUS, Vodafone
- 3G 850MHz, 4G 700/1800MHz (4G/4GX)
- Auto site selection
- Optional external antenna
- Up to 100dB Gain


Perfect for an office enviroment where there is limited phone signal.

Cel-Fi Go

Advanced Repeater
Fixed or Stationary

- Cabled Solution
- Telstra
- 3G 850MHz, 4G 700/1800MHz (4G/4GX)
- Auto site selection
- Antennas required
- Up to 100dB Gain


Ideal to increase the phone coverage in any commerical/industrial building.


Antennas and Mounting
Full range for all applications

- Indoor and Outdoor
- Omni or directional antennas
- Dome and panel antennas
- All mobile frequency ranges
- Mounting brackets and poles
- Cabling and Connectors


Find the right antenna for any application, with function and style .

Cel-Fi Wave

Management Application
Bluetooth Connection

- Signal and Boost indicator
- Check for Software Updates
- View Tech Mode
- Modify the external antenna setting by frequency
- Fault reports


Manage your Cel-Fi Pro and Go units via an application on your phone or PC

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