GRN Government Radio Network

The Government Radio Network, GRN, is a NSW State Government operated radio network providing radio communications to a number of government agencies including NSW Fire and Rescue.
The GRN is a P25 Digital state wide multi-site network covering most of the populated areas of NSW.
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Coverage report

GRN Coverage Reports

Site survey and documentation

Do you need a GRN coverage survey? We can perform a signal strength test of the closest GRN sites and provide a detailed report prepared for the NSW Telco Authority.


Limited Coverage

None re-broardcast options

We are able to provide coverage and communications options to a buildings fire panels to enable Emergency Services to communicate through-out the building.

Car park

Inbuilding Solutions

GRN re-broadcast soluitons

Our team of experts can design and implement a GRN re-broadcast solution with a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to provide coverage throughout a building and lower level car parks.

GRN Radios

GRN Approved Terminals

High quality and fully featured

A selection of GRN approved radios are available providing excellent features at the highest quality. All terminals on the GRN require the approal of the NSW Telco Authority.