GPS and Indoor Tracking Software

Software solutions to interface with communications systems to provide advanced communications solution.
GPS and Indoor tracking, Voice dispatch and recording, job management and allocation, all via your radio system.
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TRBOnet Enterprise

A Full Dispatch Package

TRBOnet Enterprise is a feature-rich and robust control room solution designed to work with MOTOTRBO two-way radio systems of any size and complexity. This state-of-the-art IP-based dispatch system offers a wide choice of additional features.


- Fleet Management

- Voice Dispatch with Recording

- Text Messaging with Event logging

- GPS Tracking with Guard Tour

- Job Ticketing

Inbuilding Tracking

IBeacon inbuilding positioning

TRBOnet Indoor Positioning is a powerful tool used for locating and tracking your radio units when GPS is not available. With the use of Bluetooth ibeacons display the location of your personnel and track history.


- Real-time indoor tracking

- Route history and Guard Tour

- Auto switching GPS and iBeacon

- Building 2D and 3D maps

- iBeacon Technology


TRBOnet Watch

System Monitoring Software

TRBOnet Watch is a client-server application which provides fault alarming and allows you to monitor a radio network remotely, thus eliminating the necessity for on-sites visits and significantly reducing travel costs.


- Real-Time monitoring

- Status monitoring

- RDAC Alerting

- Reporting on channel use and coverage


Mobile Client

TRBOnet Mobile Client is a feature-rich push-to-talk application that extends MOTOTRBO to smartphones and tablets. It works over 3G. 4G or Wi-Fi. The solution provides full integration of smartphones with MOTOTRBO radios.


- Group and private calls

- Emergency calls

- Text messages

- Online location and maps

- Job Ticketing.

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