Two-Way Radio and PoC Solutions

Ondacomms can design a communication solution to give your organisation a reliable and effective voice and data Two-Way Radio or Broadband PoC communications system.
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Two-Way Radio Equipment

Two-Way Radio Terminals and Infrustructure

Radios provide instant and reliable individual and grouop communications. Ideal for business communications, local or intersite, factory or worksite. We provide a range of professional radio equipment for all requirements, brands include Motorola, Kenwood, Icom and Hytera

Repeaters Networks

Wide Area Network Solutions

To ensure your communications solution provides sufficient radio coverage over a large area of operation, we provide a range of Two-Way Radio and PoC Wide Area Network connection on a single or multi-site linked network. 

Inbuilding Coverage Solutions 

Two-Way Radio, Mobile Carriers

Our team of experts can design and implement your two-way radio or Cel-Fi mobile phone repeaters solution with a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to provide coverage throughout a building and lower level car parks providing a safer work place for all staff.

Software Solutions

GPS tracking, Inbuilding Tracking, Job dispatch

We provide an array of software solutions to complement and enhance your two-way radio or Poc communications solution. Features including GPS tracking, inbuilding tracking, SCADA/Alarm interfacing and messaging/job dispatching. 

Push-to-Talk Over Cellur- PoC

PoC Terminals

With the advancements in PoC technology the range of PoC terminals is increasing, we provide commmercial grade PoC terminals that are approaved in AU and are durable enough to handle the toughest work force. Brands include Telo, Press2Talk, and ToooAir

PoC Hosted Application

Subscription based PoC Connection

Connect your PoC terminal or phone application via Cellur, Wi-Fi or LTE to a Hosted server to enable Push-to-Talk individual and group calling, along with GPS and messaging. No infrastructure costs with unlimited coverage. Check out Tassta, ChatterPTT, Press2Talk, and ToooAir

PoC Server Application

Application Server Installation

To ensure high reliable Push-to-Talk communications, we can provide PoC application software that is installed and managed on a local commercial grade server. Using the in house Wi-Fi network and mobile phone carrier to give coverage to PoC terminals. 

Network Gateway

Cross Network Linking

Connect your Two-Way Radio network, Push-to-Talk application and PC based dispatch console together via a Network Gateway to extend communications between all technologies and areas of operations. The best way to migrate to newer technolgies to take advantage of advanced features and audio.

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